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Can Modern Lock Technology Upgrade Your Security? Practical Update On Latest Innovations

Sophisticated security technology, beyond what most people could imagine just a few years ago, is now easily available for homes, cars and businesses everywhere. From transponder keys to home automation systems, locksmiths in Sacramento have a lot to deal with! All of these advances come for a reason, though. People need stronger security to keep up with modern burglars. The convenience and extra features of many of these advanced locks and entrance systems don’t hurt, of course. If you’re wondering if your security is up to date, here’s a rundown of the latest in the world of high tech locks and keys.

hightec lock technology

High security locks

In this day and age, sad to say, standard locks just don’t cut it. Most locks can be picked in minutes, as you know if you’ve ever been locked out of your home and hired a locksmith to open your door. Even more disturbing, estimates are that 90% of common tumbler locks can be opened by a filed-down “bump key.” Certified high security locks are designed to resist these types of attack, and many locksmiths in Sacramento recommend them for this reason. Leading brands like Medeco and Mul-T-Lock are constantly innovating, coming up with locks that are one step ahead of what criminals can do. That said, is your safety guaranteed with a high security lock? Unfortunately, no. Even the strongest locks from the most trusted manufacturers can be compromised. For example, Medeco locks were considered impenetrable for decades, until 2007, when a group of researchers developed a method for opening them with plastic bump keys cut out of credit cards. Many high security locks can be defeated by a drill or a well-aimed kick. However, they are still a much better bet than standard models.

Keyless access systems

Keyless locks of one type or another have actually been in use for several decades. However, they have only recently come into wide use, outside of commercial buildings and high-end apartments. The keypad combination lock is the most tried and true model. Electronic card keys and RFID (radio frequency identification) key fobs are also gaining popularity. Modern versions of the number combination lock often use touch screens. With these, make sure that the screen is fingerprint resistant, so the code won’t be visible after you use it.

Keyless lock

Smart locks

The latest in futuristic security technology is the “smart lock.” Several locks are now available for home use that interact with a Bluetooth fob or smartphone app. Some of them connect to home automation systems or have other useful features. The August Smart Lock, for example, allows you to create virtual keys for guests which function for specific dates and times. The Lockitron deadbolt senses your approach and automatically unlocks for you. The Goji will even take pictures of visitors at your door and send them to your phone! Like any new technology, smart locks have their pro’s and con’s. Convenience (no more keys!) and the cool factor are definitely on their side. However, it’s unclear whether they actually offer better security than a conventional lock, and if anything goes wrong you might have trouble finding someone to fix it. If you’re considering a smart lock, first find a local locksmith who’s qualified to work with them.

Car locks

Automobile locks are at the forefront of high tech lock development. Most newer cars rely on sophisticated electronic locking systems, sometimes linked into the car’s computer. Many rely on transponder keys. These contain a chip that communicates with a radio in the computer system, and if the wrong signal is sent, the car won’t start. The first smart key for cars, dispensing with the mechanical key altogether, was the “Keyless Go” introduced in 1998 by Mercedes-Benz. Electronic keys are now available from many auto manufacturers, becoming more popular and advanced every day.


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